Microstegium vimineum (Trin.) A Camus - Eulalia

Microstegium vimineum plant

Family - Poaceae


Microstegium vimineum node


Microstegium vimineum liguleArrow shows ligule.




Microstegium vimineum spikelets

Flowering - September - November.

Habitat - Bottomland forests, marshes, dithces, creek banks.

Origin - Native to southern Asia.

Other information - This introduced weed can be found mainly in the northern portions of Alabama but will probably spread south with time. The plant is very aggressive and out-competes native vegetation. M. vimineum produces large colonies of plants when left unchecked.
The genus name Microstegium derives from the Greek "micr(o)" meaning "small" and "steg" meaning "cover" or "roof", referring to the small lemmas of the flowers.
The species epithet, vimineum, derives from the Latin "vim" meaning "flexible shoot", for the flexible culms of the species.

Alabama Distribution:

Microstegium vimineum map

Photographs taken at Lake Guntersville State Park, AL., 10-16-04.

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