Linaria maroccana Hook. f. - Moroccan Toadflax

Linaria marocanna plant

Family - Scrophulariaceae


Linaria marocanna stem


Linaria marocanna leaves


Linaria marocanna inflorescence


Linaria marocanna calyxCalyx.

Linaria marocanna flower

Flowering - March - May.

Habitat - Roadsides, cultivated.

Origin - Native to North Africa (Morocco, Atlas Mountains).

Other information - This very attractive annual species is becoming a common component in wildflower seed mixes used to beautify highway medians and roadsides. The plant is also heavily cultivated and rarely escaped. The plant can be identified by its stems, which are glabrous basally and glandular pubescent in the inflorescence, its linear leaves, and its big pinkish flowers. Flowers of cultivated plants are of many colors.
The genus name Linaria derives from the Latin "linum" which is the name for another genus in a different family. The leaves of some species of Linaria are very much like those of Linum.
The species epithet maroccana means "Moroccan" referring to the plants native range.

Alabama Distribution:

Linaria marocanna map

Photographs taken off Hwy 220, Randolph County, NC., 4-26-03, and at the corner of Hwys 31 & 10, near Greenville, Butler County, AL., 3-18-06.

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