Spigelia marilandica (L.) L. - Indian Pink

Spigelia marilandica plant

Family - Loganiaceae


Spigelia marilandica stem


Spigelia marilandica leaves


Spigelia marilandica inflorescence


Spigelia marilandica flower

Spigelia marilandica calyxCalyx.

Flowering - May - July.

Habitat - Rich woods, calcareous hammocks, rocky ledges, moist ditches.

Origin - Native to North America.

Other information - This striking species can be found throughout Alabama. The plant is easy to identify becasue of its opposite leaves and brilliant tubular red flowers. This fantastic species would make an excellent garden specimen.
The genus name Spigelia is given in honor of Adrian Spiegel (1578 - 1625). Spiegel was an Italian physician and academic. He is said to be the first to give instruction on the building and operation of an herbarium.
The species epithet marilandica means "of Maryland" although Linnaeus admitted he was mistaken with the naming of this species as it apparently does not occur in the wilds of Maryland.

Alabama Distribution:

Spigelia marilandica map

Photographs taken of Hwy C, Reynolds County, MO., 6-5-04, and at the Walls of Jerico Wildlife Management Area, AL., 6-25-05.

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