Cyperus rotundus L. - Nutgrass

Cyperus rotundus plant

Family - Cyperaceae


Cyperus rotundus rootsBase of plant showing stolons and tubers.


Cyperus rotundus leaf sheathLeaf sheath.

Cyperus rotundus liguleLigule.


Cyperus rotundus inflorescence


Cyperus rotundus flowers

Flowering - May - November.

Habitat - Disturbed areas, cultivated areas, waste ground.

Origin - Native to Eurasia.

Other information - This species can be found scattered throughout Alabama. The plant is a common pest weed in cultivated areas. It can be identified by its tuber-bearing stolons, shiny green leaves, and purple spikelet scales. The stolons are often quite deep making the plant nearly impossible to eradicate once established.
The genus name Cyperus is from the Greek "cyper(us)" meaning "a rush or sedge."
The species epithet rotundus derives from the Latin "rotund" meaning "round, spherical" referring to the tubers of the stolons.

Alabama Distribution:

Cyperus rotundus map

Photographs taken at Auburn University, AL., 5-17-06.

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