Helianthus atrorubens L. - Purple Disk Sunflower

Helianthus atrorubens plant

Family - Asteraceae


Helianthus atrorubens stem






Helianthus atrorubens involucre

Ray flowers:

Helianthus atrorubens flowers

Disk flowers:

Helianthus atrorubens disk

Flowering - July - November.

Habitat - Woodlands, hammocks, roadsides, pastures, old fields.

Origin - Native to North America.

Other information - This attractive species can be found mainly in eastern Alabama. The plant can be identified by its hispid stems, mostly basal leaves, opposite cauline leaves, and purple disk flowers. The plant seems to be most prevalent in disturbed areas.
The genus name Helianthus derives from the Greek "helio" meaning "sun" and "anth(us)" meaning "flower."
The species epithet atrorubens derives from the Latin "atr" meaning "black" and "rube" meaning "red, reddish" combined, the name means "dark red" referring to the disk florets.

Alabama Distribution:

Helianthus atrorubens map

Photographs taken near Cheaha State Park, AL., 10-2-05.

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